12 IEO Crypto to Buy in 2022

12 IEO Crypto to Buy in 2022

IEO stands for initial exchange offering. As the name implies, an IEO is the first time a cryptocurrency gets listed on a centralized exchange like Binance or Crypto.com. Typically, a project will be listed for a predetermined period, which gives investors ample time to research the project and decide on whether it fits their criteria. While Binance and Crypto.com are two of the biggest and best IEO exchanges, there are a number of smaller platforms, like P2PB2B, that also offer IEO services.

As new IEOs are typically fairly fresh to the market, they seldom have a long track record of success. While this is to be expected, it does mean that investing in an IEO carries more risk than purchasing an established token.

How do Initial Exchange Offerings Work?

While the terminology used can make initial exchange offerings a bit daunting, they’re relatively simple when explained clearly. To make it easier to understand how an IEO works, we’ll be breaking it down into three separate processes.

A New Coin is Launched – Before an IEO can occur, a new project must first be created. Typically, this process involves a seed round, a presale, and an initial coin offering (the first time a coin is launched, typically the tokens are yet to be minted). Once these steps have been fulfilled, if the project still shows promise, it’s time to apply for an IEO.

The Project Applies for an IEO – IEO exchanges don’t simply find projects they like and add them to their platforms; a project has to apply for a specific IEO. This involves working out a few key details like the IEO period/date, the number of tokens to be sold, and the price. Even if a project has all the information required, the exchange has the final decision on whether a project will be accepted. Furthermore, IEOs are expensive. For a project to be listed, the cost can run between six and seven figures.

Investors buy the IEO – Once the project is accepted, the actual IEO can begin. The token will be listed on an exchange, and investors will be able to purchase it. Unlike crypto on the open market, an IEO token will be sold for a specific price that won’t change until the offering has ended. This provides investors with ample opportunity to invest at a fair price.

12 IEO Crypto to Buy in 2022

1. Lithosphere

Lithosphere ($LITHO) is an AI-powered blockchain interoperability platform created by the KaJ Labs Foundation.  The token can be found on the IndoEx Launchpad until November 2022 and is being sold for $0.25.

The network is designed to bridge the gap between centralized and decentralized organizations by creating an AI-powered interoperable blockchain. By creating a management layer that works across multiple chains and allows all tokens to interact with one another, Lithosphere. The project has launched the LEP100 token development standard. It’s designed to be similar to Ethereum’s ERC-20 but with a more friendly nature.

At the core of the Lithosphere ecosystem is the $LITHO token. LITHO will be used to facilitate both on and cross-chain transactions. Holders will be able to stake their coins in order to earn money and add validation power to the network. Furthermore, LITHO will act as the governance token for the network meaning investors will need the token if they want to have a say in the project’s future development.

While Lithosphere is an undeniably ambitious project, the team, helmed by Joel Kasr, seems to have a clear vision for the project’s future. Out of all the new IEOs currently running, it’s one of the best utility projects in the space.

2. Pledge Utility Coin

The goal of Pledge Utility Coin ($PUC) is to reshape the way charitable donations are distributed by implementing blockchain technology into the sector. The IEO is currently ongoing and will run on both P2PB2B and IndoEx Launchpad until the 20th of August. The PUC token is built on the Binance Smart Chain and is currently being sold for $0.0000000125. It’s worth noting that while this might seem extremely cheap, the total token supply is 1 quadrillion.

With the non-profit industry being worth an estimated $2.9 trillion globally, if Pledge

With the non-profit industry being worth an estimated $2.9 trillion globally, if Pledge can capture just a fraction of that figure, it could facilitate millions in transactions. As the project develops, Pledge plans to add additional functionality to the network. Firstly, by creating a dedicated Pledge blockchain with PUC at its center. Then, the team aims to enable support for smart contracts, which could allow developers to create their own projects powered by PUC. Finally, the team will be building a crowdfunding platform in order to provide other projects with exposure.

While the Pledge Utility Coin might not seem too exciting on the surface, once the team releases the extra features, it definitely has the potential to become the best IEO crypto.

3. Share Internet Data

Share Internet Data ($SIDT), abbreviated to SID, is an interesting concept with the potential to change the web for the better. The project aims to provide free or affordable internet to people that need it by allowing users to earn rewards in the form of free crypto from sharing their internet.

Having access to the internet is almost a must in the modern world, employers post jobs online, commerce is moving online, and the best deals are found online. Unfortunately, for many, this vital service is unattainable due to a steep barrier to entry (cost). By creating a peer-to-peer system for people to share their internet and earn, SID could make the internet far more accessible for the average person.

Users will be able to earn rewards for adding Wifi networks to the SID ecosystem, which can then be spent to receive free internet access. If it grows large enough, this system could mean that regardless of where a person is, they could have easy access to the internet without being charged high fees.

Overall, Share Internet Data is an interesting and unique project. There isn’t a similar system on the market (at least that we’ve found), so if well implemented, SID could dominate the sector. The exact IEO date is yet to be announced, but we know each SID token will be sold for $0.01.

4. Naiadcoin

Naiadcoin ($NAIAD) is different from most other cryptocurrencies on the market. Rather than drawing its value from providing a streamlined service using blockchain technology, Naiadcoin is a cryptocurrency based on real investments in water and land. This gives the project tangible, real-world value, a rarity in the crypto-verse. The IEO is taking place in the P2PB2B Launchpad and will run until July 10th, and each token will be sold for $0.99.

The Naiadcoin team plans to use both AI and Metaverse technology in order to help improve real-world irrigation systems with the goal of boosting crop yields without increasing water expenditure. At the core of its efforts is Naiad Irrigation, a system that will use artificial intelligence alongside environmental sensors in order to optimize water usage. As the system runs, it slowly gathers data regarding optimal water times, temperature, and quantities in order to create the most efficient irrigation system possible.

As both the water and land sectors are two of the most promising in traditional markets, it seems likely that a token improving both could be the best IEO crypto of the year. Naiadcoin has valiant goals, working technology, and a clear plan on how it will achieve its goals.

5. Pledged Capital

While Pledged Capital ($GAIN) may have a similar name to Pledge Utility Coin, the two projects couldn’t be further apart. Pledged Capital is a decentralized fund that blends the crowdfunding and blockchain markets with the goal of creating a platform to provide funding to start-up projects. This new IEO will be wrapping up on August 2nd and each GAIN token is being sold for $0.05.

With new crypto-projects being created daily, the need for a well-designed and powerful crowdfunding platform is a must. It will connect budding cryptos with investors, providing value for both parties. In order to alleviate the risk of a project asking for funding and running away, Pledged Capital takes custody of funds, releasing them progressively as pre-arranged objectives are met. This incentivizes start-ups to set reasonable goals and work efficiently, while investors benefit from a greater level of protection.

In 2021, over 5,750 new crypto projects hit the market, receiving a total of $2.5 billion worth of funding. Despite these widely impressive statistics, the failure rate for ICO cryptos increased by over 40% versus the year prior. Therefore, the need for a more secure launchpad like Pledged Capital is big within crypto.


CRIPCO ($IP3) aims to be the next generation of the NFT marketplace. The team’s primary goal is to create a platform designed for NFTs with high-quality intellectual property rights.

The upcoming IEO will take place on FTX and 3 million tokens will be sold for $0.20 each.

As it currently stands, even the best NFT marketplaces lack a little something. Hopefully, CRIPCO will be the project to fill the void. The project plans to create a marketplace where anyone can easily create merchandise and secondary content using a series of tools provided by CRIPCO. This will open up additional revenue sources for new NFT projects and provide a way to help stimulate the NFT economy. On the marketplace, creators will be able to release NFTs of their IP that users can then buy and monetize in their own projects

With the massive number of projects created using stolen material, the intellectual property system offered by CRIPCO could do wonders for the industry and help artists and content creators to get paid more for their work.

7. Orion Protocol

Out of the upcoming IEOs we’ve mentioned, Orion Protocol ($ORN) seems to be one of the best. The team plans on creating an all-in-one portal to the world of crypto by making a platform that aggregates a large variety of CEXs, DEXs, and swap pools. While the exact date of the IEO is yet to be announced, each ORN will be sold for $0.012953.

Rather than building its own platform and competing with existing exchanges, Orion instead brings them together on a single platform to allow for easy comparison and investment. By bundling the best DeFi exchanges and CEXs into a single platform, investors have far more choices and can always ensure they’re getting the best possible price when buying an asset. With the massive amount of variance between the spread fees offered by different platforms, the service Orion offers could prove to save investors thousands.

Orion Protocol is up there with the best IEOs currently on the market. The platform is well-designed and already partly operational so that any potential investor can take a look ahead of the upcoming IEO.


Last but not least on our list of new IEOs comes METARIX, a project dedicated the being the next generation of Web3 gaming. The project is currently available on PROBIT, where 10,000,000 tokens are being sold for $0.06.

METARIX is an exciting project with the potential to be one of the best web3 coins on the market. It’s a fully decentralized project with a strong sense of community and a promising ecosystem. While the platform does naturally feature web3 games, the project goes a step further. It provides developers and blockchain game fanatics to create, deploy, and publish their own creations within the METARIX ecosystem.  As the project grows, the team plans to add additional features like an in-built launchpad, a DEX, and an NFT marketplace.

The project is powered by the Binance smart chain and Unity, meaning the underlying infrastructure should be solid. The team is fully doxed and has thus far been transparent regarding their goals and how they plan to achieve them. While there are a fair few gaming tokens popping up, METARIX’s additional functionality could give it the boost needed to compete with some of the bigger names in the crypto industry.

9. CNX-Network (CNX)

Described as the ‘future of blockchain technology, this project offers encrypted and interconnected dApps running on CNX-Network’s blockchain and using the CNX digital currency.

CNX-Network already boasts a community of over 200,000 users. There’s also a dedicated investor program designed to foster innovation within the network.

This crypto IEO is ongoing, with phase one scheduled to end on September 1st, 2022. Tokens can be purchased for $0.008, with CNX-Network’s team aiming to raise over $28 million through this process.

10. Celer (CELR)

Celer is a blockchain interoperability protocol designed to simplify the process of accessing dApps. Using Celer’s SDK, dApp developers can create platforms operating on various chains – making them accessible to a more extensive user base.

CELR is the Celer network’s native token, used for staking within the Proof of Stake (PoS) consensus algorithm. However, over 130 alternative tokens are supported by the Celer ecosystem, including AAVE, DAI, and AVAX.

Celer is primed for an IEO this year, although no date has been set as of yet. However, given that the project has over 127,000 followers on Twitter, any token launch will undoubtedly be popular.

11. Bet2ken (BTK)

Bet2ken is a peer-to-peer sports betting network accepting client deposits in numerous digital currencies. This platform differentiates itself from the pack by aggregating data from various sources, ensuring that clients always receive the best odds on the market.

Since Bet2ken is structured as a DAO, clients can purchase BTK tokens and use them as a way to influence the platform’s governance. The primary way this can be done is by voting for their preferred data providers, which helps maintain superior odds.

Furthermore, BTK holders will also earn rewards through an innovative profit distribution model, providing another incentive to interact with the platform. BTK tokens can be purchased on the Bet2ken launchpad, with over 14 cryptocurrencies accepted as payment.

12.Engage2Earn (E2E)

Engage2Earn is defined as a ‘Web3 Community Engagement Tracker’ featuring GameFi elements that aim to foster a strong community. The main feature of Engage2Earn is the ability for users to launch crypto project campaigns, which are paid for in E2E.

Community members can earn E2E by engaging with the campaigns listed on the Engage2Earn dashboard. These campaigns will have specific tasks that need to be completed – once they’re finished and validated, the users will earn rewards.

Engage2Earn will also feature NFTs, which act as users’ ‘entry ticket’ to participate in the campaign/task system. Finally, Engage2Earn is currently in the presale phase of its life cycle, where investors can purchase E2E tokens for only $0.05 each – although the supply is capped at 15,000,000 E2E for this phase.

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