Users Can Now Buy SHIB on Binance With Google Pay And Apple Pay

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Users of Google Pay and Apple Pay wallets may purchase virtual goods on Binance using their Shiba Inu (SHIB) accounts. Binance’s newest payment option is essential to give clients the flexibility they need.

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In partnership with the largest cryptocurrency exchange by 24-hour transaction volume, this integration helps accelerate the adoption of SHIB and other cryptocurrencies. As the globe shifts more and more toward digital services, mobile payment services have soared recently. According to data, Google Pay now has over 400 million users worldwide, while Apple Pay has over 500 million.

According to Binance, the payment method is only accessible in nations that accept Google Pay and Apple Pay. Some users have so far complained that they can’t use the feature, but others have already taken advantage of it.

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Flexible Payment Options For SHIB Investors

SHIB supporters have so far been the happiest of the lot despite the positive reception that the current announcement has received from the larger crypto world, as this is just the most recent in a long line of new payment methods for SHIB purchases on multiple sites. Shortly after the Binance announcement, a community-run SHIB-focused Twitter account shared this enthusiasm.

Shiba Inu has been expanding internationally as mass acceptance soars, partly because users have various flexible payment alternatives for buying the asset across many platforms. SHIB payments have also dramatically grown at many different retail locations.

An option to purchase SHIB and other crypto assets using a prepaid debit card was revealed in October by U.S.-based BitPay, a provider of cryptocurrency payments services. Hero Wallet unveiled a feature last week that enables users to buy and sell SHIB using their bank cards.
A non-custodial cryptocurrency payment gateway stated that SHIB payment options may now be integrated into subscription services like Netflix and Spotify, enabling users to pay for their subscriptions using SHIB.

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